But I yearn to understand some measure of Your truth, which my heart believes and loves.
For I do not seek to understand in order to believe, but I believe in order to understand.
For I believe even this: that unless I believe, I shall not understand.

"Anselm of Canterbury"

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Karena seluruh kepenuhan Allah berkenan diam di dalam Dia,
dan oleh Dialah Ia memperdamaikan segala sesuatu dengan diri-Nya,
baik yang ada di bumi, maupun yang ada di sorga,
sesudah Ia mengadakan pendamaian oleh darah salib Kristus

Kolose 1:19-20

Our Classes

Berikut beberapa kelas SOC - Theology

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Topik kelas Biblical Theology

Creation: The One True King and His Kingdom Vision

Fall: The Kingdom Undone

Israel: The Kingdom Remake

Exile: The Kingdom in Captivity

Jesus: The Servant King Reclaims His Kingdom

Church: The Children of The Kingdom on Mission

New Creation: The Return of The King

Topik kelas Systematic Theology

Speaking of God: The God Who Makes Himself Known

Creation and Covenant: The God Who Is There

Jesus the Messiah: The God Who Is with Us

The Holy Spirit: The God Who Empowers Us

Salvation: The God Who Grants New Birth

The Triune God: The God Who Loves

Christian Hope and Community: The God Who Gathers and Perfects His Creation

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Topik kelas Historical Theology

Patristic: Irenaeus and Tertullian

Patristic: Augustine

Medieval: Thomas Aquinas

Reformation: Martin Luther and John Calvin

Modern I: John Wesley and Jonathan Edwards

Modern II: Abraham Kuyper and Herman Bavinck

Modern III: Karl Barth

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Topik kelas Applied Theology

Theology of Culture

Theology of Work

Theology of Marriage and Family

Theology of the Body and Gender

Theology of Creation Care

Theology of Technology

Theology of Politics


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